Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pardon the delay. My editor is a close friend and I really do not like imposing on the good nature of good friends. I trust you will understand. Better yet, I pray that you will respond. What do you think about "using" the talents of good friends?

Wow! What a day to start this. As you will learn, I love the art of politics and I will have comments on the state of politics as I write. To tell you the truth, both sides of the critical issues of our day are suspect. They were elected to office to serve the "We, the people".... as described in our Constitution and it ought to be apparent, "We" are the missing ingredient in most of the solutions they have to offer. So, tonight, as you listen to the President of the United States put forth his proposed agenda for the coming year, take time to realize this is his perspective. You may differ from his, but if you do, I pray that you will offer a reasoned response and not just the words offered to you by your favorite political "think" tank.

But politics is not the intent of my efforts. I have lived a long time, going on my 85th birthday in August, and I have learned a lot, forgotten even more, but this I believe with all of my heart. There is a God and none of us really know Him if our lives do not resemble His teachings and they should not be restricted to the dictates of any one particular religious ethic. In saying that, I do not wish to demean any particular religion. You ought to be free to make up your own mind. I have a strong belief in the ethic defined by our nation's Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. I have opinions and have come to realize that they are always subject to change as long as others do not try to force their opinions on me. I live to learn and even at my advancing age, I am eager to hear about new ideas, even old ideas with a new twist..

When you hear the responses to the President's speech tonight, take care that you do not merely echo their thoughts. They get paid to say what you will hear and - regardless of which party has fashioned the comments, you can believe that you need to carefully examine their content.

With that, I am out of here. Plan to spend the day examining the employment opportunities in our community, the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee, my adopted home. I love it. Yes, I was born in Michigan, graduated from Yale, but that was not the college in Connecticut. It was a great place to start, but I have also traveled a lot and stand amazed at this land we call the United States of America. I am proud of every acre and the people who occupy who occupy even a fraction of each acre. We do amazing things and our reason for being ought to focus on encouraging others to do even more. Think about this and I'll be back tomorrow. I trust I will see you then.


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