Sunday, March 23, 2014

In search of answers...

Well, I really don't know what or "Who" controls my computer, but there are times when I have to believe there has to be something beyond my control - at least, beyond my competence.  Every time I tried to reach this site, I was rejected.  Asked my "expert" and she told me what to do, but it did not work.  Then, I come home from church, today, and well, here I am "a-typin..."

What intrigues me is the fact that in this interim,I have learned that a good friend of mine, a Civic servant, who I had always thought of as being the epitome of concern and caring for the public, is under attack by people who would replace him when the next primary election is held.  Yes, people from both of the prevailing political powers are opposing his bid for re-election.

Well, of course, that happens.  Not often, but it seems to be happening here - as they say, "right here in River City."

What troubles me is that I have known my friend to be a really fine Christian.

He is well known a a member of a significant local church and - in particular, is highly regarded for his skill in playing with the church orchestra.

But now I read in one of those politically oriented web sites being read locally that he is being called a scoundrel, intimidating the employees in his office and other suggestions that he is incompetent.  I have heard from people opposing him in the primary election who agree that he is not competent.

I have heard that he has been dismissed from participating in the church orchestra.

I happen to know his Pastor and asked him if he was aware of the comments being distributed in our community and his only response was, ..."lies, all lies."

He is my friend!  I have visited him in his office while on official business and always, he has handled my business efficiently and effectively.  We have talked on a number of occasions and it has always been a heart warming experience.  Of course, we are "brothers" in the same faith, but - to me, that is not why I vote for or against others.  As a civic servant, I have expected him to be efficient, not only in the way the office operates, but in his concerns for the public he serves.

My heart is broken.  I cannot understand the accusations, except that possibly, his political opponents are exaggerating the claims made on the web site I referred to earlier.

What do I intend to do?  What "brothers" are expected to do, to pray for him, for the people in his office, for his opponents and perhaps, most important of all, for his family.

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