Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Let's talk about prayer

I had thought of reviewing the article which will follow, but I really I did not know if I wanted to - prayer is something that most folks don't seem to want to talk about, personally.  But then, two "news" story appeared as I was eating my breakfast and it seems to me, we really do need to talk about it.

Of course, this is the day that President Metanyahu of Israel won his re-election bid and we watched as he stopped to pray at the "wailing" wall and then stuck a note into one of the many crevices.  I really do not understand why, but people I know who have visited there seem to believe that it is part of the modern day Jewish religious rituals.

The other was a TV picture showing some of the survivors of a raid on a Libyan museum, well known for its collection of historical artifacts.  The body count has yet to be determined, but most of the visitors were from European nations.  We should all be able to understand the angst of those in prayer, for the families of the deceased and of course, for their own good fortune in escaping the carnage.

But what about everyday prayers?  Do we have a ritual?  I do and I will explain that further on.  For now, I want to introduce you to Heather Havrilesky, the author of an article that appeared on my computer yesterday morning, courtesy of my friends at Aeon who visit me everyday with fascinating explanations of many subjects. most of which have never, before, entered my mind.  I ignore most of them, but Heather's offering started with these fascinating words, "I don't believe in God."  How refreshing as most of my time is spent talking with others who say they believe in God, but can offer no proof.

Heather was in search of a prayer to "repeat" when things go haywire, such as dealing with the "several unruly dependents" under her roof.  "Each day", she explained, "was like a roller coaster, a crap shoot, an exercise in uncertainty."

Then, she offers, "I need a belief system," and I wrote in the margin, "Hello, welcome to my world."

One of her many problems that she confesses to her readers was "My soul, if I have one, which is still up for debate - is an angry misfit type of soul."  She admits, she is a atheist.

Further on, she caught my attention with these words, "I am a writer, so I don't need to make me the most important thing in my life.  I am already there."

Now, she begins to talk about God, the God created by others to boost their ratings, promote their books and publications, the smooth talking, straight walking, purveyors of enthusiasm and positive thinking, folks I had followed for years, before I came to the truth about God.

Eventually, she gives in to herself and decides to start praying in the morning

As I read that, it was as if the God that I know, the One who I have embraced for nearly forty years and believe in with all that I am, It was as if He smiled.

I did not know that He smiled as I started "walking" with Him.  I really did not take prayer seriously until one day I realized He is more than just the God mentioned in the Bible.  I don't mean to offend anyone, but as I took into account the absolute complexity of His creation, I wanted to have a more intimate relationship with Him.  Some call Him, Father God, but I had never known my father and I began to realize how much I missed him.  So, God became very real to me.  So real, that at times it seems as though He is right here beside me.  I don't have prepared prayers.  I just start talking with Him about how grateful I am that he rescued me when I was so very lost.  I offered a deal that day, if He would come along, I would never move away from Him.  He has been true to His word.  I have not always been faithful, but He has never failed me and when I don't really understand, I open the pages of my Bible and find Him there, waiting for me.

It is called faith and in my eighty plus years of the life that He has provided - in the beginning, my Bible continues to affirm the truth that "..without faith, it is impossible to know God."  A wise man once offered this thought that - "just beyond our troubles, no matter how dire, if we\would just reach out, He will always be there.

My prater for my friend, Heather, is that as she continues her prayer time, He will make His presence known and erase even the most dire of circumstances.

I believe that, do you - my reader?  If not, let's talk.  If you need my phone number, let me know

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