Monday, February 3, 2014

I seldom talk about this experience as it was not my favorite experience in the military.   I know that in WWII the GI’s had come up with a term, SNAFU, which stood for “Situation normal, all fouled up.”  Well, in my opinion, they could have come up with an even more offensive term.   I wound up being awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for work I did, organizing an outfit we were going to send to Korea.  I have never seen plans be subjected to much change as these were, but no one seemed to care, even though as I can recall, every change doubles the cost of the operation.   Stop and apply that axiom to the wars we have been involved since then and you will have a clue as to why I am opposed to war - not only because of the reported  need which too often comes by way of questionable intelligence.  The price we pay is one thing, but the loss of life burdens my soul and - in my opinion, ought to burden every person who lives in what I have come to know as our beloved nation.

Finally, I came home in May of 1950 and there was no one there to greet us, not even my own family.  I had been to war and as far as my family seemed to be concerned, I might as well been to the grocer store.  And that attitude applied to almost every one I have met who had been in Korea.

They sent me to Eglin AFB upon my return which was an interesting assignment, primarily because it was right on the Gulf of Mexico with sandy beaches and pretty girls and easy to enjoy after years in the Far East.

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