Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Moving on....

It's tomorrow, today, that is.  Yesterday was an eye opener.  Not really, a heart opener!

I forwarded yesterday's blog to the one daughter who - occasionally, corresponds, hoping she will forward it to the others, wherever they might be.  Seems strange to me, but I am the one who bears the responsibility.  I know they hurt.  I used to hurt, but my father was dead and gone without my ever knowing anything about him.  That hurt for years, many years.  And then I matured.

I am really not an advocate for responsibility.  Given a choice, I would revert to my childhood and start over, but we never have that opportunity.  All we need to do is, start where we are.

My REAL birth date is May 13, 1975.  That was the day I climbed up out of the "woe is me" life style and took on life as it was meant to be, today!  What a difference.

The problem - throughout our nation, today is the fact that most of us are afraid to change.  We look at what "has been" and are afraid that if we dare to change, it will only get worse.  Well, that depends. All you really need is a friend who has been there, done that, and the sun begins to shine.  Oh yes, there will be rainy days and occasional storms, but what is can be is so much better than what was.  I used to believe that came about by changing one's mind, but No, more often, it requires a heart operation - AND, a friend

I have friends in abundance as I learned long ago, to Let Go and Let God.  But it wasn't until I put that into practice that the clouds in my life began to disappear.  As I look out of my window while writing, there is the sun shining ever so brightly in the East.  Soon it will reach the peak of its daily arc and begin to "set'.  Then comes the great reward, the sunsets of life.

Finishing what has been started also brings great rewards - in sunsets we observe, gorgeous colors, brilliance beyond our ability to describe and we rejoice.  But so it is when we bring to a close, the struggle we all experience when we allow our attitudes to overcome our common sense. "Yes", this is the preacher speaking, but then life to which I still aspire, may be made up of more good days and bad days, but I know the author of those days.

Of course, I am taking of the faith that has brought peace to my life, but it was not to be, an easy task. I had to bear the burden of my often, stupid mistakes.  What is refreshing is when you have a friend who is there to remind you, ..."we can make it, we will make it."

Living the lonely life ignores the possibility of living a truly prosperous life.  I used to think that amassing a fortune, even a small fortune, was sufficient, but again, I was wrong.  I was relying on dollars to make a difference until I met a true and intensely loyal, friend.

He was and remains, the catalyst that keeps my "pot a-boiling", who prompts me to believe another hour in bed does not begin to equal to an hour at work on efforts to makes the life of others, a little more interesting, a bit more profitable.

I spoke to my church friends on Sunday, encouraging them to take advantage of the resources we share to brighten the lives of people we have yet to meet.  I was not sure if my thoughts would even be heard, much less heeded, but then they came, first one and then another, and another, each complimenting me until I had to admit, I was even amazed - and, embarrassed.  But then I realized, I am more than just one, I am a part of a force for good.  What more could I ask!

I spent far too many years living on what others have called, "Someday Isle".  I is a pronoun, let it be one.  It is not me, nor is it you.  Today is the day that brings the rewards that many have spent years in search of and it is within our grasp.

Come now, let us walk together....

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