Friday, April 24, 2015

Praying for Franklin Graham

I had stopped praying for Franklin Graham, months ago, as I was tired of not hearing answers to my prayers.  I love his father and many of the wonderful services that are rendered, worldwide, with the Graham "label" attached.  They surely are doing God's work at this time.

However, I first noticed Franklin's deviation of the Lord's command that "we love one another" when I read of his verbal assaults on Muslims without a mention that there are MILLIONS of Muslims worldwide who go about their daily lives, praying to their Allah, while serving their friends and neighbors with acts of genuine kindness and support to the needy among them.

Apparently, he is not aware that the last script to be written concerning the future of mankind has not been written.  We have yet to learn of the eventual end to this planet where we have been privileged to live out our individual lives.   As with his words, he tempts the peace loving Muslims throughout the world to believe there are millions of Christians who agree with Franklin and actually share his sentiments.

Those are my personal thoughts.  Now listen to another brother who seems to feel as I do, that we need to be paying for Franklin Graham.  (

Well now, I must apologize as when I read the article I saw many comments about the problems that are created when Christians do not act as though they are actually, Christians, and now discover the article if filled to overflowing with personal comments from his readers (I assume) and see nothing to indicate he is opposed to Graham's actual complaints.

Which of course, ought to raise another real problem.  Far too many of us - like the caveat I have just offered, read the headlines and believe what they want to believe.

But it does create another problem.  Why are we - Christians, so pone to comment on the lives of others without offering a testimony as to what prayer has meant in our own lives?

I used to be active in politics, but I no longer listen to the political talk going around about the race for the Presidency in 2016.  There are far too many REAL problems happening of the streets of the cities where we live out our daily ;lives that need our immediate attention.  The greatest problem is that we elected people to office to help alleviate those problems and we discover, they are more interested in the activities of their political affiliations.  I don't know for certain, but I am of the opinion that the phrase "We, the people..." in our Constitution has lost its meaning to most of us.

That really doesn't trouble me, however, as there is a much more important question in my mind, as a Christian; why are we seeming to ignore the scriptures in favor of whining about the anti-religious attitudes of others?  My friend, Tom Krattenmaker reminded his USA Today readers of the "coming out" celebration of the Openly Secular folks and it won't be long until others will be championing this new cause.  Whatever happened to the folks who used to flood the stadiums in cities wherever, whenever, Franklin Graham's father, Billy, stepped into the pulpit?

At my age, now reaching up into the late 80's, I know for a fact the Bible has not changed.  It has stood the test of time as some suggest.  It took but one line, in one verse - Matthew 4:17, to change me from a church attender to a firm believer in the work accomplished by our Savior when He walked among us.   Repent!   And I did and it wasn't long until I realized that, indeed, my soul was being cleansed and now, almost 40 years later, I rejoice in the changes that have become a part of my daily life.  I have no enemies, I see no enemies.  My view of this world is that we have much to accomplish and falling behind, as we listen to the nay sayers and that is not my idea of the Great Commission.

And I have changed my view of Franklin Graham.  He can rant and rave against the Muslims if he so chooses and in doing so, lead many of his brothers and sisters in Christ, astray, but I will pray that he begins to realize that the impact of the Graham name will be fading into obscurity and that the mantle he has inherited will soon begin to see the corrosion that follows when we fail to realize our one and only true calling is to love others as we have been loved

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