Thursday, May 21, 2015

God's family tree

I have to believe, most of those who read these blogs know that I am a Christian,  You may not know, however, that I have moved my position somewhat.  I have joined the Mormon church, more accurately, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

I say that to say this, if you want to discuss my reasons for the move, I would love to hear what you have to ask - or state, as some have emphatically expressed their thoughts, on my decision.  We can talk - openly or if you prefer That is why I am posting my personal phone number - 1-931-528-7238.

All of that to say this, I received a blog from another friend, discussing - God's family tree and I will offer portions of what he had too say and probably, offer thoughts of my own.

The reason for my interest came about regarding the the Atonement, the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It made me go back to the years when I was accumulating evidence for my belief that I really did not have a family tree.  As I suggested to a Pastor a few years ago, I thought I was more like a "twig" on a God forsaken, bramble bush.  "Touch me and you may get hurt,"  Along the way - for nearly 45 years, I hurt lots of people..

Pastor Burden, my recently acquired new friend, started his blog with this thought.  "God likes trees"   That caught my attention, immediately.  Most do not know but I was recently widowed and left "alone" in a city I hardly knew.  I had moved to this city a few years ago to marry her, but - as I would discover, she had "willed" her house to other relatives and I found myself - on the street.  Not only that, I was disenfranchised from most of my in-laws..

Searching for new home, I found an apartment - off the beaten path, two bedrooms, so I had a place for my rather extensive library and a place to write.  It was perfect, two windows facing Eastward, sort of, so I had the brilliance of the rising sun and the memories one can find in a sunset.  Immediately, in between, as I looked out, was a huge tree.

And this morning, as I look out, it fills my view.  Its leaves are soaked from yesterday's rains and now, the wing is causing them to dance.  What a sight!  To the left, I can barely see the tops of another tree in the yard, but its leaves are still.

Pardon my imagination, but it appears as though "my" tree is dancing for me!  Well, you don't have to believe that, but I have to believe you might be missing a grand lesson that God has prepared for all of us - if only, we would pause - as some say, to smell the flowers. In my opinion, they are more important to us than those who are merely passing by.

At my age, I have to consider the possibility that this place where I live today may become the last "home" away from the home to which I will be headed.

So, my task, is to fill it to overflowing with memories.  I realize that for most of my life, my places of residency,. as some suggest they are called, were little more than hotel or motel rooms.  Here today, gone tomorrow with hardly a thought as to their contribution to my life. Reminds me of my service years.  Almost seven years were spent in an assigned "cot", more often than not, sharing space with others, hundreds and hundreds of faces that have been long since been forgotten..

Therefore, I vow to fill this place with memories of love, good times shared with good people.  Enter as a neighbor or a passer-by and leave as a friend.

And when the others are gone, "my" tree remains, still dancing for me this morning.

So, my prayer today for you is that you will discover that place in your life that prompts you to learn or to recall the fact, you did not arrive in this world, merely to take up space. God had His reasons.  It took me almost forty five years to come to that conclusion and then, more years to prove to myself, He really does care are me - and for you!

In my case, He planted a seed, years ago, knowing that someone like me might stop long enough to admire His masterpiece part and become, part of His family tree.

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