Monday, May 11, 2015

It may be early, but it certainly is not too late

I know, it's early in the month of May, 1015, but the most important election in the history of our nation is not that far into the future.  Mark your calendars, October, 2016

Yes, you ought to know that I am talking about next year's Presidential election.

Turn on your TV for a dew minutes and you will see the candidates already lining up for the grand prize, the opportunity to be hated by most of our citizens.  No matter who wins, the die has been cast every since we decided to elect a black man to the White House.  They started lying almost him before he and his family had even moved to Washington.  Surely you remember the claims that he was not a legal citizen and we wasted away weeks and months, before the claims disappeared from the headlines of our manor newspapers.

And did you realize, that was only the first salvo in the hundreds to come in the war against the party in power, waged by those who were deprived of the power?  That was the game his opponents played over and over again.

Well, that war is almost over.  The new crop of "wanna be powerful" is beginning to emerge.

Now, It is time for the proverbial "all good men, and women" to come to the air of their country.  It may be our last chance.  I hope to see this coming election, but I doubt seriously if I will live to see another.  I intend to vote.  I have to ask, are you prepared to vote?

It is a two-step process; you register to vote and then you do so on election day.  It is critical that you do as it may be your last opportunity, as well.

In the last election, they tell me, less than a third of eligible voters cast their ballots.

I keep reminding forks, our Constitution starts with the premise, "We, the people,,,"  We, the people, not the rich and powerful.  When they win, we lose.  All we have to do is for anyone who cares for his or her country is to start - TODAY, preparing yourself for the battle to come.  The rich and powerful are willing to risk millions upon millions to put their friends in office.  All "We, the people..." have to do is convince ten others to vote, who will convince ten others, who will convince ten others, who will convince ten others, who will convince ten others, who will convince ten others, who will convince ten others and finally, convince ten others.  100 million Americans saying "Enough is enough, we are tired of being told what we can or can not do. Our fore-fathers envisioned a nation where freedom reigns, not bureaucracies, nor billionaires whose only real goal is to make themselves richer."

This is the answer, the only real answer.  We do not need any more fancy campaigns and meaningless slogans.  One will do -"We" vote and they lose!"

There is time to launch that effort as  our "diligent duty to God and country"

Who will we vote for?  That is not important, today.  If we have already read our history books, as we should have over the years, at the right time, the right man or woman will appear.

Make your children and your grandchildren proud, protect their future

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