Monday, February 23, 2015

How to locate "your" job - phase one

The reason I talked so much about myself yesterday in the previous two segments was to let you know that what follows is not a figment of my imagination.  I have read most of the books on the subject and have listened to more tapes that I care to remember.  Reflecting on life as it was fifty years ago when I was paying closer attention to who hires and when, I realize now that I was missing the most important phase in the process.  From my perspective at the time, it really boiled down to who hired who and when.  In those days, the hiring process were mostly "hit and miss" with the companies I dealt with.  As an old friend used to say, ..."if you could walk straight and did not chew gum, your chances of being hired were good."  He was wrong of course, but the prevailing counsel in those days was not much better. Then, testing job candidates became the rage and about all they did was weed out the better qualified candidates,

It was then that I got involved with the motivational "hucksters" and wound up with more tapes and albums than I cared to admit.  I began to realize that while they were typically impressing folks with an interest in their future, their techniques were generally ignored by those who signed off on the job offers.

When I got tired of going home frustrated, day after day, I decided to seek other opportunities.

That led to a few years, doing whatever I wanted to do as long as I got paid by the week and in the process I discovered the missing ingredient in most hiring interviews and eventually the real reason that most people do not work at the optimum level they were created to achieve. 

It all starts long before a person fills out his or her first job application.

You may have heard the expression, most people waste away their lives going around in circles.  That is partially correct.  They never discover the opportunities for which they were created because they have wasted away their lives in what we used to call - "fool's errands".

Let's put this new and improved use of circles in writing to work and demonstrate how it will work - for you!. Find a few sheets of blank paper and an instrument that will help you draw concentric circles, each one about a inch larger that the first.  In the middle of the first circle, write your name. In the next circle, write down the names of your parents; mother, father, step father, step mother, etc.  

In the next circle, write down the names of brothers, sisters, step brothers, etc. The next will be reserved for aunts, uncles, both those who were around when you were born or those added to the family later on. In the next, write in the names of people you knew personally at the religious organization(s) you attended as a young child.  The next circle will contain the names of the youngsters you played with as a child.  The next should be reserved for the names of their parents or guardians that you knew personally.  We'll get back to the circles in a few minutes.

You can discuss this with your parents if you wish, but all the information you are about to collect should be considered strictly "don't touch" personal  This is very important.

For the next step, I suggest using 4x6 lined file cards or, if you are more of a whiz at computers than I am AND your computer is secured so that others cannot review it, that ought to work.

On each card, write down one of the names you have listed in the circles and create two columns. For you parents and siblings, in one column list their qualities that you have most admired about them and in the other, the problems you may have experienced with them.

Now, with all of the other people in your circles, write down the qualities you have most admired during your experiences with them.  There could be more than one.  Do not include the opinions of others   If you personally have not noticed positive qualities, set those cards aside for future evaluation

Yes, this will take time, but if it is any consolation, you can multiply the hours by the increased wages you will be earning from the opportunities you gain by paying close attention to this system.

There is more to it, so stay tuned.  If I have confused you, let me know as the questions you might raise could help others who might be a bit bashful.  See you tomorrow.

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