Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to locate "your" job - phase three

Oh yes, resumes.  I promised, I know.  But the whole truth is, I hate resumes.  I love re-caps, just a list of the more important jobs/positions you have had (or held) - so the reader can get an idea of your value to his or her firm.  And it is, or they are, to be attached to a powerful letter explaining why you should be considered for the position and an indication as to how you knew the position was available.  It may not happen.  It may be that you only think a person with your talents should be employed by an organization like the one the person represents.  ALWAYS, as in all ways, send such letters addressed to a person, some one you have learned through your research, occupies a responsible position in the organization.  Envelopes and letters that are not personalized are a total waste of the limited time you invested in the process.

Why do I hate resumes.  In the companies I have worked with in the past, most of them filed - and forgot about, hundreds of resumes, taking up space for no better reason that the "boss" wanted others to know how busy we were.  My opinion, filing resumes does very little to increase revenue.  One of the many youngsters I hired to "file" resumes came up with a brilliant idea; "Don't file them alphabetically, but file them according to the applicant's primary skill, alphabetically of course".  She did not last long.  I found her a better job, using her brains rather than her physique which was quite obviously, the reason she had been hired.

Which brings me to an important part of dealing with resumes (IMO*), never, as in not ever, attach your picture unless the enterprise to which you are sending your resume, is specifically looking for beautiful people.  A word of caution, firms that hire on the basis of the applicant's good looks will continue looking for someone more beautiful than you.   Remember, looking for opportunities in the glamour business is an entirely different process. 

However, there is a much better way of using your photogenic talents.  One of my applicants tried the following idea and wound up with an even better offer than the one he was seeking, originally.  He recalled pictures that had been taken of new machinery being installed by his former employers, two of which had shown him as an operator.  So he went to the newspaper that published them.  They provided him with copies of the pictures and he turned them into an advertisement for the company and sent copies to his prospective employer, one to the HR department and another to the attention of the person who would be making the decision as to who would be hired.  The cover letter included the thought, "... this would be another good reason to hire John Doe" (obviously, not his real name).

For many, submitting resumes is a waste of time and a costly process.  I tend to agree as your resume might be evaluated against dozens of others, many of whom are just looking for a job.  If that is all you are doing, be prepared for the proverbial "long day's night."  Of course, the best alternative to waiting on possibilities is to take a lesser paying job locally so that you are not using up your hard earned savings.  Yes, I know, that might make you ineligible for un-employment benefits. but being out of work might seriously effect the possibilities of maintaining a career in the areas in which you are best qualified.  Hiring managers are a strange breed.  They look for perfect resumes.  Your task always, is to make their day easier, so don't clutter up your resume with data they cannot use. Remember, the task of hiring people is not a career field.  They excel at what they are doing so that their boss will get them back to what they were doing, or could do better.  Remember also, hiring people is not the best way for an enterprise to increase earnings.  One of my friends who wound up in as the "go to" guy with regard to available job openings, related it to the guy they hire to shovel away the snow in the winter.

At all times, think.  Seriously, consistently, especially as you see the sun rise in your rear view mirror as you drive to work.  That is where you will find what we once knew as "Careers".  Today, you are hired to make a difference and if you can't prove that is what you are doing, be prepared to dust off the resume you used to use and prepare a new one.

Oh yes, IMO"?  "In my opinion,,," and I hope you realize that all of what I am writing is my opinion, based in the decades I have worked, always wearing a bridle in my mouth.  You know the saying, "It happens."  All I am doing is using the shovel I used to earn my way from day to day.  It is a good life, much better than taking up space in a cemetery plot.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about research.  That is where the fun begins. 

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