Friday, July 18, 2014

Moving on... towards a New Day

Well now, I find it is interesting to hear that at least one person has commented on my post, yesterday. My problem is, I don't see it, so I have contacted my writing "guru" to understand more about this.

Meanwhile, I'll move beyond George Shultz and examine the post offered by Representative Paul Ryan:

"If I could make just one change in Washington, it would be to fix the Tax Code.

No other reform would inspire as much confidence, because no other policy is as big a drag on our economy.   Today, the Tax Code is about four million words long.   Tax payers spend six billion hours a year, just figuring out how to comply.  But the Tax Code is more than confusing, it is also unfair.  Riddled with over $1 trillion in loopholes, the current code punishes free enterprise and rewards political influence.   And to top it off, we impose high marginal tax rates - including the highest corporate tax rate in the industrial world - which are nothing more than barriers separating working families from job creators.

Instead of pushing people out, we should bring people in.  True tax reform would both broaden the base and lower the rates, so small businesses would have room to grow and job creators would come back to our shores.   Economist Glenn Hubbard says tax reform would boost economic growth by anywhere from half to a full percentage point a year over a decade.   And if economic growth were just a half percentage point larger, the Federal government would save over an additional $1.57 trillion over ten years.  Only by paying  down our debt and growing our economy can we create jobs and increase take-home pay.  Only then can we expand opportunity for all.

To pass such a vital reform, after years of gridlock, would show the country that Washington can still get something done.   And our country would show the world that, 125 years since the Wall Street Journal began, "free markets and free people" is still the way to go."

Well, I trust you know that such advice comes from a Republican perspective, or so we will be led to believe.  Most of us - and I am high on that list, want to tell you that CONGRESS is to blame for our problems, and this is a Republican talking, publically.

I am not changing my mind - I still want to point my figure of blame at those WE elect to become OUR Representatives in Congress as THEY are responsible for the chaos that Ryan describes.  Let's be clear about this, the only bills we are going to see passed by Congress and approved by the President are those that benefit the respective political interests. All the rest of the individuals behind those political slogans you see are willing to go along with the prevailing attitudes that have created the chaos that Ryan outlines.   

It is time - in fact, decades past the time for those of us who vote, to do what needs to be done and it is NOW or probably, NEVER!  That is OUR money that is being wasted because Congress has failed US - for years.  As long as WE cling to OUR political favorites, WE are as guilty as THEY are.

My suggestion is this - take the word rhetoric out of your vocabulary and replace it with these two words that are more easily understood - COMMON SENSE!

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