Saturday, July 19, 2014

Onward.... towards a New Day

Next in line in the Hoover Report - Ideas for Renewing American Prosperity, is an article by Heather MacDonald, a "fellow" at the Manhattan Institute, but I skipped over hers and the thoughts of some others to focus on the ongoing debate between the two reigning "powers" in our nation to focus on the thoughts of Darcy A. Olsen, President and CEO of the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix.

"Conservatives often lament, 'If could only find the next Ronald Reagan'.... The reality is that even Ronald Reagan failed to turn the tide in Washington.  The Federal government has been tightening its grip for a century.  We cannot afford to indulge in this 'knight-in-shining armor' fantasy.

But what if the solution to the Washington problem isn't in the Federalist Papers?  James Madison wrote that the Federal and State governments, each with explicit protections for liberty, would provide a 'double security'.  Alexander Hamilton argued that if either government violated the peoples' rights, 'they could make use of the other as the instrument of redress.'

The framers understood that the real rival to power is power, and the only power sufficient to to rival Washington is the collective body of the 50 states.  The Founders didn't give us one Constitution, but 51.  The Constitution provides a floor for freedom, not a ceiling.  State constitutions can augment freedoms far above the Federal baseline.

Skeptics want  to say that Federalism is dead, States have come too dependent on Washington.   That is too often true - but not always.  When the Supreme Court gutted private property rights with the Kelo decision in 2005, the solution didn't come from Washington.  Instead, 45 States strengthened their own constitutional rights.  When the Obama administration threatened to impose 'card check' rules to unfairly help Unions to organize businesses, the solution didn't come from Washington.  Instead, States drew up laws that are now protecting millions of workers.  

State citizens and State lawmakers must do what the Framers equipped us to do.  Put on the full armor of liberty.  Then it truly will be morning again in Washington." 

Do you sense this literal "breath of fresh air" coming out of the West?  While we wring our collective hands wondering what will happen if California finally dries completely up and blows away, we forget there are minds at work throughout our nation, seeking answers to the enigma posed by our politicians failing to respond to their statutory responsibilities.   That it comes out of the Goldwater Institute does not surprise me!

Who has ever heard of the Kelo decision, nine years ago?  Not I, nor do I want to suggest that I know all of the ramifications of this decision.  This I do know.  Washington isn't working.  You may want to lay it all at the feet of the Obama administration, but remember, I have been awake during every Administration since Harry Truman assumed office as our President and have voted in every Federal election since then is well.   I first saw where our government missed the mark in tying us to the problems involving the governments of North and South Korea, not only through my young eyes, but also through the minds of a friend, a Japanese Colonel who wasted away a huge portion of his life, fighting Koreans.

You think we have problems in the Middle East.  Wait to see those that come about when the North Koreans loose their military preparedness on their neighbors to the South.

I pray it doesn't happen and I also pray that the American public will awaken to my basic premise - Washington isn't working, on your behalf and on behalf of my children and grandchildren

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